Nat Petrohelos

Hi! I’m Nat.

Welcome to my website.

I write picture books, short stories and junior fiction. 

I am a member of a children’s writing group through the Hunter Writer’s Centre. We meet regularly to critique our work and to talk about children’s books.

Here are a few facts about me:

I have three children. We all love to read children’s books so we share the bookcase.

Apart from my human family, I also have a family of friendly magpies who live in my yard. I am a walking encyclopedia on magpies. Ask me anything.


The magpies love our Japanese maple trees. There’s something magical about the trees as they change colour through the seasons. They give me lots of story ideas.

I sing in an acapella group. We sing folk songs from around the world. I practise my songs while I’m driving. I could be singing in Gaelic, Norwegian or Spanish! I sing as loud as I like and I don’t even care who sees me.

When I was young I loved being on stage. I’d recite poetry and prose, I’d present speeches and I’d act in plays. That probably led me to becoming a Drama Teacher as an adult. I don’t teach in schools anymore, mostly I’m too busy trying to teach my kids some manners!

I love mandarins and the smell of freshly cut grass. 

I can’t stand yoghurt. Don’t eat it near me. Don’t even talk about it.

You can read samples of my work and find details of my professional development over on my writing page.