Nat Petrohelos

SUMMARY: Tajiri is a clean giraffe, so when he realises he must walk through mud, he worries. Tajiri searches for an answer – just how deep is the mud? He discovers that it depends who you ask. This story deals with looking at a problem from different perspectives.


In the wildest place in the world, in the deepest part of the wild, stood the very last berry tree of the season.

Tajiri peered out from his hiding place. There was only one way to get to his favourite treat.

(illo: a big muddy puddle between him and the berry tree).

Tajiri poked his tongue out as far as it would go. Not even close.

The berry tree called in the fruity breeze, ‘I am delicious. Come and taste me!’

Tajiri’s toe twitched, but before he could make his move, he heard a peculiar noise.

A flutter and a splutter and a ‘yuck! yuck! yuck!’

Out flapped a creature from the sloppy, gloppy, muck.