Nat Petrohelos

SUMMARY: Sunny is a fun-loving goat who loves to surf. Until he gets totally wiped out. Will Sunny ever surf again? A story about determination.

Every day, Sunny practised headstand surfing,
and hanging four.
He even made up moves of his own.

The day of the great competition finally arrived.
Conditions didn’t look good.
(His beard is going ‘crazy’ in the wind).
But Sunny wanted that prize. He wanted to give it to his Nanny, for her birthday.

The surf swung at him with slaps and stung his eyes.
It rose before him like a silver mountain.
It sucked him under and spat him out. It threw him from his board and sent him flying across the ocean.
‘Epic wipe-out!’ yelled the grommets as he sunk towards the bottom of the ocean,
‘He’s getting totally worked!’ they cried, as he was pummelled over and over.
‘He’s alive!’ they cheered, as Sunny crawled up the sand and collapsed in a wet heap.