Nat Petrohelos

A line of ants, a rainy day, a cake batter and a stack of coloured papers. A family fold a paper forest and adventure inside. But origami is not always easy, especially if you’re small. When a child destroys her paper creations, she must find a way to put the pieces back together. She makes her very own paper with the paper pieces, which is just as special as the paper forest. This story delights in the observation of small things, it celebrates the imagination in familiar surroundings and it empowers a child to find their own way to say sorry.



I have fistfuls of paper pieces.

I fling them and I flick them and I throw them all around.

They flitter down softly, like the rain outside, like teardrops.

(Illo: she has ripped her own paper creations and thrown them around the room).

I feel as small as an ant.