Nat Petrohelos

After Maria’s dance concert, Mum drives to the nursing home to visit Papou. Maria’s tapping soon draws the attention of the other residents and helps them to remember happier times. Maria and Mum eventually have to leave Papou, but he is not alone anymore.


Along shuffled old Mrs Summers.

‘I used to dance too when I was a little girl. I still know some of the steps,’ she said.

Slide-shuffle-slide, went Mrs Summers in her slippers.

Tip-ti-tap, tip-ti-tap, went Maria’s dancing shoes.

‘That’s my Grand-daughter,’ smiled Papou.

Along rolled old Charlie.

(Charlie is in a wheelchair)

‘I know a show-tune, I’m singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I’m hap-hap-happy again,’ Charlie sang.

Tap-tap-tappy, went Maria’s dancing shoes, tap-tap-tappy-again.

‘That’s my Grand-daughter,’ smiled Papou.