Nat Petrohelos

When Paxton was born, his parents thought he was perfectly precious, which is why they wrapped him up, head to toe, in cotton wool. It was also why they created the Big Book of Rules. But one night, they are forced to find a babysitter. Paxton notices that the rule book doesn’t say anything about adding to the rules, does it? What will Paxton’s parents think? A hilarious story with a huge sense of fun.


‘No running in the hallway … unless you’re challenged to a race!’

‘No dessert …unless you have six scoops of icecream, with extra sprinkles!’

They made their way through the entire book of rules.

It was daring.

It was dangerous.

It was delightful.

But at 9pm, just as Paxton’s parents were arriving home, something unexpectedly awful happened.

It was disastrous.