Nat Petrohelos

SUMMARY: In this short story, a girl ventures out to the dried lake bed she has heard about in so many of her Nan’s stories. She finds herself on her Nan’s old family boat. There she has an amazing experience as she goes back in time and meets her own Nan who is the same age.

A spray of water coasts across my face and I sit up with a shock.
‘Lochie!’I yell. ‘You’re dead Lochie!’
I’m so over his stupid pranks. I stand up to find him but a wave of dizziness hits me and I have to hang on to the side of the boat.
Then I’m really shocked. Because there’s water. Clear, gem-blue water, just like Nan had said. There are boats everywhere, kids water-skiing. A fair-ground sparkles on the shoreline.
‘Who are you?’
It’s a girl of about my age. She’s holding a bright orange can that says ‘Soda Pop’ and she’s squinting at me suspiciously.
‘Um. I’m Sarah.’
She looks at me sideways.
‘Did you swim here?’ she asks.