Nat Petrohelos

All summer long, Max practises magic, but it’s not working and he’s beginning to question if magic is even real. His neighbour, Pearl, was a Magician in the olden days. She invites Max to her moon-garden to show him some real magic. But what is a moon-garden? And why does the magic show start in the dark?

(This manuscript placed 4th in the CYA aspiring/unpublished picture book comp. 2015)


Ever so slowly, the bud began to quiver. Then it shook. Then, right before Max’s eyes the Moonflower unfurled its petals like a big white umbrella.

‘Ooh,’ whispered the trees.

As Max pointed, the blossoms opened.

The flowers were glowing, they floated in the dark.

Soon a circus of moths appeared, tumbling and twirling.

Max spread his arms wide like a moth, swooping and swirling and spinning around.