SUMMARY: Marnie has noisy neighbours – in a good way. Stan and Betty are an older couple who love to celebrate every occasion and they always include Marnie. When Betty gets sick, Marnie gathers the neighbours together to help. Along the way they celebrate events such as International laughter day, Talk like a pirate day and National tap-dancing day. In the end when Betty has recovered, they all celebrate National Neighbour Day.


It didn’t matter what the occasion was, Stan and Betty hoorayed them all.
If there wasn’t a real reason to celebrate, Stan and Betty would make one up.
On International Laughter Day Marnie asked,
‘Can I join in?’
‘Of course you can!’ chuckled Stan.
On Dress-Up-Your-Pet Day, Marnie asked,
‘Can I bring Pete?’
‘Of course you can!’ said Betty.
But on the morning of Betty’s birthday, Marnie didn’t hear any cheering, not even a quiet hooray. She didn’t see any balloons, not even a streamer.
She had practised the birthday song but there was no one to play for.
There was nothing but a strange stillness.